Saturday, 11 April 2020

COVID 19: Prices of safety and Medical Supplies in Nigeria Soar

Demand for face masks, hand sanitizers and Chloroquine have skyrocketed in Nigeria, following reported cases of COVID-19 in some parts of the country.
In March 22, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) confirmed 30 cases, with two cases being discharged while no death recorded from COVID-19 in the country.
The surge in the demand for these commodities has led to a sudden hike in the prices of face masks, hand sanitizers and soap dispenser, Chloroquine by over 110%.
A survey conducted around the markets on Monday, reveals that Chloroquine, which was previously used to mainly prevent and treat malaria and sells for N5, 000, now goes for N12,000 per 1,000 tablets.
The price of face mask has increased from N10,000 to N150,000 per carton while hand sanitizers rose from N300 to N600 for foreign products and from N150 to N400 for local products.
Mr Chimezie Okpara, a dealer in the drug market said Chloroquine had hardly been sold in the market following its ban for treatment of malaria by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Nigerian Government.
These prices keep changing but you can always click on these links to get information on any corvid 19 products and their prices

Friday, 15 June 2018

Screeding, Paintin, cladding and wallpaper solutions in Nigeria

You have heard that walls have ears, obviously they also have face. We offer solutions to upgrade your walls face value. In a highly competitive world, every business has an obligation to differentiate itself. Forming an identity through branding ensures that your clients are able to pick you out amid a sea of competitors. We have creatively used your wall look to set our clients apart in whatever their line if business. 

For a perfect outcome, it is imperative that a good product be paired with skillful workmanship. We have a good number of experts who handle the installations. Their expertise go a long way in enabling us to meet our main objective; to leave each of our clients satisfied.

The following are services we offer:
Professional House Painting Service
WallPaper Supply and Installation
Wall Cladding supply and Installation
Wall Screeding

As long it has to do with the walls, call us to offer you a professional service
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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Tree Cutting Service in Lagos

Looking for a tree and stump removal services in Lagos? Here’s a a company providing tree services. This includes trimming, pruning, and removal including stumps.All tree pruning done by CLEANEAT meets or exceeds global Standards, and we use the latest environmentally friendly techniques.

What’s a value-added tree service at Cleaneat Tree Service? Some examples:
• When we remove a tree, we offer the services of bucking, splitting and stacking it for your firewood.
• We provide wood chips for the base of your trees and hedges, as they’re much healthier than bark mulch, delivering natural nutrition and promoting water retention.
• We offer you a free consultation with our professional Arborist who will advise you about the health, safety and care of your trees.
We also offer building demolition services to clear the site completely for your project

Large trees and high trees require advanced training and different techniques and equipment than smaller trees. Many tree services aren’t adequately equipped or experienced to handle this type of work. In fact, other companies often call us in to handle all their large tree work.

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Demolition Services Contractor in Lagos

We consider the environment we live in to be our most precious resource and managing it properly is critical to our future. That is why we are the best choice for your full or partial interior / exterior house demolition in Lagos.
HouseSolutions Ltd is a full service company providing demolition, dismantling services, site inspection / analysis, site remediation, asbestos abatement / removal, environmental site assessment, metal and construction waste recycling and removal. Industrial, residential (housedemolition), commercial, institutional demolition and dismantling is our specialty. Our environmental approach ensures a better future because we follow a very strict code of rules and regulations in order to guarantee every deconstructed site is handled properly, professionally and by the book.
Our core values are Personal Safety, Environmental Safety, Customer Satisfaction, and Job Excellence. We believe in the ecological approach to unused, retired, dormant, and end of life industrial, residential, commercial sites. From full scale demolition to partial demolition / dismantling and all aspects involved we get the job done. We assess the site, implementing a removal and remediation plan to meet our clients’ needs. We believe in providing the best possible service to our customers. Let us show you how we do it better!
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Monday, 7 May 2018

The Price of Carports in Nigeria

Every carport is unique and bespoke to each home, which means that a range of factors go into determining the cost of a carport in Nigeria – from the size of the structure and its position on your property, to the materials it is made from. For this reason, we carry out an initial free survey to understand the specific requirements of an individual property before providing a quote for how much your carport will cost.
So I advice you seek HouseSolutions professional advice for carport canopy prices in Nigeria before you build one. As the leading provider of aluminum car canopies in Nigeria, we know that we can provide you a canopy that meets your needs and exact specifications. Our capable staff will design, fabricate, ship or install the canopy of your choice.

In addition to the quality product you will get from HouseSolutions, you will also be given quality service. A large part of good service is transparency. We desire to be transparent with you throughout the entire process, and this includes the pricing of a bid. Our staff has compiled a list of design criteria that can directly affect the cost of a metal canopy design. Read below to discover what items affect the cost of your design.

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Cost of Solar Panel in Lagos Nigeria

Solar panels are the major component of a solar power system. It converts light energy from the sun to direct current DC electric voltage. For the latest cost of solar panels in Nigeria click here
Solar panels are made up of arrays of photovoltaic cells (also called solar cells), connected in series and parallel to deliver rated voltage and power.
The photovoltaic cell is the basic component of a solar panel. PV cells are made from semiconductor materials, like silicon and doped with other elements, like Boron and phosphorus.
These elements create an N-type layer and a P-type layer on the cell. The junctions between the N-type layer and P-type layer contains an electric field, which stops electrons from moving across the junction, effectively creating an open circuit.
When a photovoltaic cell is exposed to sunlight, energy-carrying particles in light called photons continuously strike the p-n junction area of the cell and are absorbed.
Energy derived from these absorbed photons provides electrons on the cell with enough energy to overcome the potential barrier of the electric field in the p-n junction. This causes electrons to flow across the junction to power electrical appliances.
solar panel consists of an array of solar cells, usually covered in glass. Solar panels provide power for charging your batteries and for powering your appliances.
Solar panels are expensive per watt (though they are getting cheaper) when compared to a petrol generator, but uses free energy from the sun.
For example, an 100 watt solar panel can cost between about 25,000 and 50,000 Naira in Nigeria. Solar panels may also come in different power capacities.
Solar panels can last for up to 30 years.
One or more solar panels will be required in a solar power system. A two bedroom flat, for example could require three to 10 solar panels.
Prices of some solar products in Nigeria:
  • 50W Solar Panels – 17,000 to 50,000 Naira
  • 80W Solar Panels – 30,000 to 45,000 NGN
  • 100W Solar Panels – 25,000 to 60,000 Naira
  • 150W Solar Panels – 39,000 to 80,000 NGN
  • 200W Solar Panels – N47,000 to N85,000

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Environmental Benefits Of Artificial Grass in Nigeria

Whether your aim is to have the best-looking lawn on the block, or you simply want to save time, money, and energy by reducing your lawn maintenance requirements, artificial grass is a great choice.
There are many reasons why artificial grass helps the environment and many reasons you need the turf grass in your office. In addition to helping you cut down on landscaping costs and reducing the amount of the time spent manicuring your lawn throughout the year, which frees up more time and money to devote to environmental causes, artificial grass also helps the environment in the following ways. Let’s take a look:


We aren’t strangers to the concept of water as a scarce resource. We all know that it’s essential for life and that our bodies are made of it. But did you know that most families use approximately 320 gallons of water per day? Whether it’s for cooking, cleaning, showering, watering plants or other residential vegetation, that’s a significant chunk of change. Not surprisingly, most of this water actually goes to outdoor use. One of the environmental benefits of synthetic grass is that your lawn irrigation bill is effectively cut to zero. Switching to artificial grass almost entirely eliminates your home irrigation bill. The only water you’ll end up using for your turf is for cleaning away pet urine and feces. That’s about it. We think it’s safe to say that artificial turf is helping out a great deal.


As children, we were told to not litter and not pollute and to take care of our planet. But it’s strangely paradoxical to think that something synthetic, like artificial turf, can actually help us decrease pollution. Unfortunately, maintaining a natural lawn is very taxing to our environment. The emissions that come out of mowers, edgers, and even from fertilizer contribute to global carbon dioxide levels. Currently, there are more than 406 parts per million of CO2 in our atmosphere. With this figure rising yearly, it’s definitely time to consider some paths we can take to help.


It is estimated that (of the 3,000,000 tons of fertilizer which is used each year to keep lawns green and shiny) “up to 60% of synthetic nitrogen applied to lawns does not get used and ends up contaminating ground water.” Many fertilizers and most pesticides are extremely toxic to the animals and insects that live in and around your lawn, such as birds, bees, and fish.
In addition to the negative effect of fertilizers and pesticides on the animals that live in and around this contaminated water, human exposure is also dangerous.